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Our Grating Fabrication Servicves

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We offer extensive standard and custom fabrication services.

Our fabrication team is highly trained, skilled, and our Shop is highly equipped to get the job done right, quickly, and correctly.

No matter the size or scope of your project, we are here to help you get it done. Our Grating fabrication services include the following and more:

Precision Sawing

This includes laying out fabricated grating pieces and making sure all bars, cross bars, and cuts line up.


Curved cut (A cutout following a curved pattern) – Cutouts (An area of grating removed to clear obstruction or to permit pipes, ducts, columns, etc. to pass through the grating. Radially cut grating – rectangular grating cut into panels shaped as angular segments, for use in circular or angular areas


A flat bar welded to a side or end of a grating panel, or along the the line of a cut out and extending neither above nor below the Bearing Bar except for when Toe Plate is required which is normally banded with a flat bar to be 4” above the bearing bar height.

Hinged Panels

Grating panels which are hinged to their supports or to other grating parts.

Carolina Grating | Custom Grating Fabrication Services

A Complete Grating Service Center

  • Fully Equipped Metal Fabrication Shop

  • 30,000 sq. ft. Of Shop Space

  • Employees With Over 110 Years Combined Experience

  • Proven Project Success

    We can handle any custom bar grating fabrication project, regardless of size, scope, or complexity.

Grating Service Center and Fabricator

All our products are available in stock panels and sheets. We also fabricate to suit your individual requirements. We have the capability to handle virtually any project that requires extensive custom fabrication. Some examples of our fabrication services include:

  • Cutting to size
  • Welding banding, kick plate, nosing
  • Providing cutouts for penetrations in grating panels
  • Custom additions like checker plate, lifting handles and hinges
  • Radial platforms and Circular layouts
  • Punching, plasma cutting and forming

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